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Study VET & Work 1.5 years Full Time

If you would like to stay in Australia to gain work experience after completing your Australian Vocational qualification you may be eligible to apply for a Post Study Work (Graduate Work Stream) visa. This visa allows you to stay in Australia and work full time for up to 18 months. Click here for more info.

Visa / Immigration

Australia's New Working Visa

Australia will will soon have four new work visas in place of  the existing temporary work visas and Training and Research visas. The federal government intends to have the new framework for temporary work visas in place in November after the approval of the new legislation by the Governor General.


Sexual Assault

We understand that this can be a difficult topic to discuss but we know that it is important to create awareness and provide useful information for the international student community in Australia regarding sexual assault and related matters.

What is sexual assault?

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Sexual Health in Australia

As sexuality in Australia is a topic addressed seldomly, today we will talk about sexual health in Australia. In this article, questions like ‘do i need prescription to buy birth control pills?’ ‘What about the ring?’ ‘What if I have to go to the gynecologist?’ and ‘Is it easy to buy the morning after pill?’ will be answered.

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How to Choose the Best Student Accommodation

Studying overseas takes a lot of preparation and thought (and more than a few headaches), but once you have selected your course and institution, it’s time to think about accommodation.

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Cambridge English exam - A better way to future

Cambridge English is a well-known approach with long-term operating experience and professional teaching and assessing  for everyone to learn.

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How to play Secret Santa this Xmas

The best holiday of the year has arrived and it is time to play Secret Santa! For many of us away from family, it is a great opportunity to have some fun with our friends and plan a gift exchange. We are already playing at Spiible and here we share some basic game rules to start!
Melbourne Museum Student Posts

Guest Article: Work Experience at Museum Victoria

I am Hans Mestizo an international Industrial design student from Colombia and I completed a work experience placement with the Exhibitions Department at Museum Victoria’s Melbourne Museum campus in 2014. 

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Guide to Surviving Melbourne Public Transport

If you are new to Melbourne, all you need is a myki card to travel around by trains, trams and buses. A guide on how to survive Melbourne’s public transport is presented to you by Spiible!!

Visa / Immigration

New Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)

The Australia Government has released streamlined visa processing report and simplified student visa framework (SSVF) since 16 June 2015. SSVF has been implemented successfully since mid-2016. View a copy of the Future directions for streamlined visa processing report.

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Pathways into University: Foundation Programs

What is a Foundation Program?
Foundation programs enable international students who do not meet the entry requirements of their bachelor degree to access it after completing a year of related preparatory studies. 

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Study tips that will get you an A every time

Being an international student in a new country comes with many difficulties that can prevent you from studying well. This article lists a few easy changes to how you study that can help you get the As you deserve. 

Primus English is a fantastic place to study english. All the staff is very kind and nice, and they are always able to help you without problems, even when you are always asking for help because you are new in the country. And the teachers are really amazing. Teaching english and making it easy,...

Sergio Gómez
1 day 12 hours ago
The English Language School in Sydney (ELSIS)

Pros: Great location, Nice space and common areas, Big and useful kitchen, Computer labs with free printing, Thoughtful teachers and Nice staff. Cons: Don't have all english levels, Mixed levels on the same class, Material and Books aren't good, Disorganized management.

Luiza Gava
2 days 21 hours ago

Good school for the price.

Filipe Castilhos
3 days 11 hours ago

Very good place to study English and nice teachers

Haolin Li
1 week 3 days ago


Hansung Kang
2 weeks 1 day ago

Forward the next few days, but expect much forward life.Even though I play games sometimes, I am so happy

seungwoo kim
2 weeks 2 days ago

Good teacher

2 weeks 2 days ago

I came here to study briefly. I feel that English rise in short period of time. The things that I do not know are kind of kindly to you, and the class is fun. I'm still on my way to a language school, but I'm really looking forward to it. And because it is located in the city, the...

so i kim
2 weeks 2 days ago

I can communicate with students and teachers kindly inform

Seongpyo Kim
2 weeks 2 days ago

UIT is a very good institution you can learn and practice English with people from other countries. Besides, teachers always try to bring us different activities to improve different skills as listening, grammar, writing and speaking. They usually evaluate twice per week so you can see your...

Juan Sebastian serrano
2 weeks 3 days ago